Sunday, January 21, 2007

Set Your Goal

There's a story about a dog that bragged about his running speed. One day he chased a rabbit, but failed to catch him. The other dogs ridiculed him. He answered: But remember, the rabbit was running for his life. He had a motive. I was just running for fun. If you're just working for fun or wages you'll never try as hard as if you're working for a deeper, longer goal.

More people fail through lack of purpose than from all other causes combined.

The truest shortcut to success is to set a Goal.

Photo by Malser taken from this source


alliswell21 said...

HI I have achieved one of my goals this year, the second I'm working on, I know it's going to take time but if it's worth achieving it's worth waiting for.

Sam Chan said...

Hi AllIsWell21,

Thanks for sharing your achievement!

The quality of your life depends on your goals. Thus, one got to seriously spend time to set worthy goal!

Best Wishes