Saturday, November 17, 2007

How to remain in business

To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art” - Chinese Proverbs

"In business, doing as much as you can while staying within the limits of your capabilities is the short cut that will take you to the finish line before the rest." - Konosuke Matsushita

“Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves -- to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today.” - Stewart B. Johnson

“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.” - Zig Ziglar

“The success combination in business is: Do what you do better... and Do more of what you do...” - David Joseph Schwartz

I am wondering whether this is applicable to even blogging. What do you think? Please share your wisdom by posting your comments. Thank you.

P.S. I could not switch on my notebook. Schedule to have the motherboard change next week. Thus, I could only do blogging in the office, which I seldom do. I should be able to visit all my friends' blogs again next week.

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WaterLearner said...

How aptly put. I think that blogging is similar to maintaining a business. If you set a pace of updating it too often or a sudden increase of bloggers to respond to and visit, one can very very easily have a feeling of being burnt out. Ultimately, when one starts blogging, one should contemplate on the nature and direction that the blog intends to take. This is similar to starting a business. Once your direction is grounded, one can then stay more focused. My humble views.

Have a Great Weekend, Sam. Hope you are feeling better after your recent low moments due to the many events in life coming together.


Titania Starlight said...

Hi Sam,

This is food for thought indeed.
Far as blogging goes it seems to have its ups and downs. Bloggers also seem to be a fickle lot. As is true in the business world with what the public demands. What is the goal of the business owner/blogger?

I see cycles in blogging. As a keeper of a positive blog I find that I lose the attention quickly of the majority. Which leads me to ask what does the business person/blogger need to do to bring in more customers/readers without compromising their integrity.

As the holiday seasons are approaching I have seen a major drop in readers. IT is a good thing that my bread and butter is not based on this or I would be filing for bankruptcy! :o)

Wishing you a nice and peaceful weekend.



FL Sam said...

It is easy to open business but hard to maintain it. I have been in various business but when it come to partnership, it is even harder to maintain. Some partners never put in effert and expect returns.

It all depend, as long as we are committed and focus, teamwork, have set goal with vision, mission and objectives, we can stay in the business.

Trinity said...

Is it applicable to blogging? :-) Hm... people have so many reasons to blog with different concepts of blog as well.. some people blog for money, some for sharing life, some of documentation of their own life, and thousands other motives.

For those who earn money from blogging they must have strategies and learn how to improve their blog to get more money, may be Zig Ziglar's quote is suitable for these type of bloggers.

For those who blog to share life, reflection and wisdom, their readers need some times to ponder and chew their post and enjoy it... readership is also important to keep them motivated to write more good posts. The satisfaction is lied in feedbacks, (in my personal and subjective opinion).

For those who blog for documentation of life, just like writing diaries, they don't care people will read it or not and some of them even have their comment off. They write and update their blog whenever they like... no obligation, they enjoy their own blog... these quotes are not for them.. :-)

How about the combinations of some reasons? Hm... complicated! LOL

Anyway, me myself, writing paid posts give a feeling of productivities... this hobby can pay the bills itself.. so in brief, I can share my life, make a note of some piece of life for my kids in the futures, and meet some new friends, learn from them, and I can do it all for free! (coz I got money from the paid posts) :-)That's blogging business for me! :-)

Sam, whenever you can use your notebook again, there's a dolphin waiting for you in my blog post (15 Nov 2007)

God bless you,

Jennifer said...

Hi Sam...

Ohhh I have been so worried about you! Are you OK? I'm happy to have you back sharing your insights and wisdom with us.

In terms of your post... Hmmm good questions.

I think there are different reasons for blogging... presently, I consider my blog successful if one person finds a moment of goodness. :-)

There seems to be so much concern for numbers of readers, SEOs and all the stats but don't want to get into worrying about it...

If I base my success on numbers or comparisons then I most certainly will feel discouraged, OTOH, if I just blog to put out some good thoughts then I feel successful!

What do you think about it?

Do you ever get discouraged?

Glad you are back Sam.... big hugs,

Sam Chan said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you very much for your insight and wisdom!

Like you, I think blogging is similar to maintaining a business. I believe we need to get to know all our readers and make everybody feel at home. However, it can be difficult to establish quality hospitality when the respond become overwhelming. Anyway, that's kind of a dilemma. On one hand, we do get encouraged to move on but we can also get lots of stress trying to come out with better posts.

Karen, thanks for your concern. It is great to have a blog buddy like you. Well, I am feeling great! My notebook was down last week. Thus, I could not blog for almost a week. Anyway, it was fixed this afternoon. Thus, I am back!! :-)

Blessings to you, Karen.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Tawnya,

Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts.

I believe blogging is like any jobs. It is the interest and passion that keep us going and we mustn't use any gimmicks or shortcuts that compromises our integrity.

"Every job should bring us three rewards: money, friends and experience."

Blessings to you, my friend!

Sam Chan said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for sharing your experiences and wisdom. I agree with you, it is never easy to establish or maintain great partnership.

Indeed, everything worth doing requires lots of commitment, focus and good teamwork even though one has established great goals.

Blessings to you, Sam.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Trinity,

Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts and wisdom. You can really write very well. I love reading your blog and comments. You seems to have a good spiritual knowledge based on what I had gathered from your writings!

Indeed, many have different reasons to blog. Thus, different strategies are required.

Trinity, I will check out your post soon! Once again, thank you very much for your comments!

God bless you too, Trinity.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Jennifer,

I am very sorry for disappearing for sometime. Don't worry.. I am okay! Last week, I could not use my notebook. The motherboard of my notebook was faulty. Anyway, it was replaced this afternoon. Thus, I am back this time.

Lately I do find it difficult to come out with new topics although I had spent a lot of time thinking.

Well, I do know why. One of the reasons is because I am trying to write better posts and not willing to post anything that I used to whenever something crop out from my mind. Thus, I am experiencing a situation where the process of trying to come out with better post overwhelmed the flow of my thoughts. :-(

Jennifer, you are doing great! You can write very well. I can learn a lot from you.

My inferiority complex always make me reluctant to write with my own words! My inner voice keeps telling me don't write for the sake of writing unless it is worth reading!

What do you think? Do you have any advice or suggestion to offer?

Thanks for the big hugs!

Blessings to you, Jennifer.

J@n!ce said...

Sam, din see you around recently, just get to know that you have problem with your notebook. Hope it is all fixed up. My blog is missing your avatar ;p

I came across this friend's site, she visited this restaurant, their biz strategy is 'No pay, No delicious'. I thought it was really interesting. I wonder if it really works, perhaps it does :)

See you around ok? Take Care :)

Janice Ng

Sam Chan said...

Hi Janice,

Now that my notebook is up and running again, I should be able to continue to visit all the nice blogs.


Best Wishes to you, Janice.

Jennifer said...

Hi Sam...

Ohhh I'm glad all is well! :-)

Thank you for your kindness Sam, it means a lot!

Your blog is one of my very favorites.. so filled with goodness, inspiration, and spirit!

I too do not want to post anything that doesn't feel worthy of posting... in other words i don't want to write or post something just to have something there... I want each thought to be meaningful in some way.

My only advice I would give to anyone is that we are all different, experience life in unique ways, and have different perspectives to share, so each person, in sharing what is in their heart adds to the collective goodness of our world.

We do not all need to be the same, think the same, write the same... but the gifts we can share is in our uniqueness.

You have a fabulous way of sharing a thought by bringing together many similar thoughts from some great thinkers, and adding your views to them. I think it is fabulous!

Anyway... whatever is in your heart is worth reading, in my opinion!

Nice to have you back Sam,

Blessings and love to you my friend,


WaterLearner said...

Yo Buddy,

See that you are not updating your blog as regularly. Nothing wrong with that though.

Just popping by to say hi. Wish you had one of those shoutboxes though. More convenient to drop a line or so.

Have a Great Day, Sam!!

Sam Chan said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you very much for the advice, insight and words of wisdom. I really appreciate it. You are right! We are all different and have different experiences in life. I just need to continue to pour out whatever is in my heart.

Thanks for you continuous support and encouragement. Indeed, I am very blessed to have you as one of my great blogging buddies!

Blessings and love to you, Jennifer!

Sam Chan said...

Hi Karen!

Thanks for popping by and dropping a comment. You are right! Recently, I haven't been very regular in updating my blog. Well, I will do my best to be more regular. Anyway, nowadays, I had been spending lots of my time learning new stuff to enhance my existing skills. :-)

Shoutbox? Hmm.. maybe I should place a shoutbox in this blog. Thanks for the suggestion.

You too have a great day, Karen!