Friday, February 23, 2007

Needs and Wants

Failing to distinguish between the needs and wants keeps many people poor.

A surplus of wants is oftener the cause of poverty than a shortage of income. Many remain poor because they can't resist buying things they don't need.

He is poor - however much he earns - if his expenses exceed his income.

It's tough being poor, but not as tough as being in debt.

Photo by szlea taken from this source

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Jonathan-C. Phillips said...

That is so true! I think the key to being wealthy is to simplify your lifestyle and buy things you actually need. Reason why i don't watch the idiot box (i mean the TV) too much temptation, too much commercials, that makes you want to buy stuff!

Nice post by the way! :)

Anonymous Midwest Girl said...'s true for me. I can't go into a store to get ONE thing I really need without also getting twenty things I don't need. I'd have SO much more money if I stopped doing that.