Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Value of Education

The young think education can replace experience; the old think experience can replace education. Both are wrong. Both are needed. If youth only knew. If age only could.

Education is difficult and expensive. But whatever it costs, it's cheaper than ignorance.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."- Albert Einstein

"It's not what is poured into a student that counts, but what is planted." - Linda Conway.

The only fully educated people are self-educated.

Photo by meestagoat taken from this source

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John Hok said...

That's awesome man, thanks! There was one thing I didn't really notice until you made this entry. I love how you have each entry paired up with an image! You know what they say, it's great to be able to put a face to a name (or something like that).

Sam Chan said...

Hi John,

Thank you for the compliment.

I am very happy that you noticed each picture has a theme for each post.

FYI, sometimes I spent more than an hour just to find the proper image to match a post. Anyway, I had been encouraged by all the reader like you. Thus, I believe it worth the effort and time!