Monday, October 08, 2007

Life - The game we should play extremely well

“Life is the only game in which the object of the game is to learn the rules” - Ashleigh Brilliant

Life indeed can be interesting, challenging, and fun. Consider yourself blessed, if you have compelling choices in your life. To move on, you have to make some decisions, experience the consequences, and grow from there.

Life is like a game of tennis; the player who serves well seldom loses” - Anonymous

“To win you've got to stay in the game.” - Claude M. Bristol

The way a man plays a game shows some of his character. The way he loses shows all of it.” - Anonymous

A game is a lot more fun and you will keep playing with greater motivation if you expect some difficulties, obstacles and varieties. Likewise, if all of your attempts succeeded the first time or instantly, life can be really boring!

Learn the rules of life well. Be patient and you can be a better player of the game of life. Life is indeed a constant learning experience. Those who truly understand the purpose and meaning of life can have a wonderful fulfilling life.

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anits said...

Good post sir! We have to take problems in life as a challenge..with that we would be able to handle it with smart plan and good prayers!

Best wishes sir

lilifxt said...

hi sam nice post i agree life is a big game but also i get bored through playing life games its a great challenge i think this will help me not give up "Learn the rules of life well. Be patient and you can be a better player of the game of life. Life is indeed a constant learning experience" that is indeed right thx for that it helped me alot to think better


Honman said...

Great Post, Sam. Our Life is like a game and we play only once. Play well and enjoy the fun and do not wait until game over.

Open Your Mind to Prosperity

JesseTheCat said...

Sam, a post to make one think and ponder about the way we live this life of ours! Its really amazing....we only have this one little chance at it, and yet so many people play the game in a horrible and undignified way!! Why??
Reading here reminds me to have patience...something I lack lately. I must try to be more aware of my actions as I carry them out.
Awesome image of the guys on the lake...really stunning.
Sam, hope all is going great with your family? Missed your sites a lot while I was gone..oh, and thanks very much for all your kind support ! :)


WaterLearner said...

One thing about this Game of Life that I have come to realize... We are only going to play it once. You can't be more right .. We ought to learn the rules of life well.

Your good blog is one of those places filled with very bright lamp-posts guiding one on the path leading to a happy and peaceful life!

Blessing to you, Sam!!

Sam Chan said...

Thanks Anitha for your comments.

Indeed, we have to learn to take any problems in life as great challenges and enjoy making all the choices in life.

Blessings and Joy to you Anitha.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

I am glad this post help you to think more. Hopefully then you will have a more fulfilling life.

Thanks for your comments.

God bless

Sam Chan said...

Hi Honman,

Thanks for your valuable insight and wisdom. May you enjoy your life fullest.

Blessings to you Honman.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Jesse,

Welcome back to the blogosphere. We really missed your presence. I am glad this little post had managed to remind you to have more patience.

Thanks for your wishes. Me and my family are doing great.

Hope you had recovered fully from your eye injury and swollen nose.

Blessings to you my dear friend.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your compliment on my blog. I really appreciate your contribution. Your participation is a source of inspiration to me.

Your blog is doing great too! I learned a lot from you.

Blessings to you, Karen!

Cornucopia Chronicles said...

I absolutely agree. I am sometimes can be a bad loser but I learnt that sometimes I lose but I had to do better next time and give myself a challenging task.

This entry is such a great inspiration to many of us.

Thanks Sam

Sam Chan said...

Hi Haze,

Be patient. Just like any games, sometime we do lose. As long as you keeps on learning rules and improving, you will have a wonderful and fulfilling life.

My Best Wishes