Thursday, July 12, 2007

6 Weird Things or Facts About Sam Chan

I was tagged by Jenny How (6 Weird Things about me). In fact, I was also tagged by Sindhu for similar topic (8 Facts about me) last month. Sidhu, sorry for the delayed response!

Finally, I had decided to disclose some of my Top Secret! Here are some weird things about me:

1. I don't like fruits! Well, maybe because when I was very young, I had to drink a lot of orange juice after both of my hands scalded by a pot of boiling sugar mixture.

2. Many girls admired me because of my fair complexion. Many had mistaken me as a "Mat Salleh" and asked me how I got such a fair complexion? Well maybe because of Chilli :-)

3. I love hot and spicy food so much so that Chilli is like my vitamin. I used to spread chilli sauce to my bread during my younger days. During my younger days, I don't even eat a single piece of vegetables.

4. I don't exercise at all. My fingers does the most exercise in front of my computer. I believe I got to change this, my body is showing me symptoms that I gotta.

5. I only admire two great singers in my life. In my younger time, it was Sam Hui. I can sing almost every songs - word by word eventhough I was English Educated. Sad to said, during that time, Karaoke hasn't become popular. Otherwise, I might had become a singer or at least a Malaysian Idol. Now you know why I called myself Sam Chan :-) Anyway, nowadays, I could only sing church songs. Of late, the singer that I like most is Janice Wei Lan. She can sing so well, that her songs become my breakfast, lunch and supper.

6. I had experienced owning a car that I need to remove water by buckets early in the morning after a heavy downpour at night. In one occasion, that same car wiper flew off while I was driving in the rain. Another occasion, the car clutch cable snapped and I could only drive using the first gear (manual transmission) and everybody honked me thinking that I was driving so slow. I had sold a car below the price I paid for my HP Ipaq pocket pc.

Ohh... I gotta stop, I had shared too much....

Okay, now I am curious to read some weird things about these people in their blog too: Jennifer Jones, Surjit, Philip Stolle, Christy, Ilker Yoldas and Janice Ng.

If you are reading this then you are also tagged! Go ahead and tell me what is the weirdest thing about yourself.

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JennyHow said...

haha, when u said you only admired two singers in the world, i thot you wanna say one of them if you yourself :p

hhee, thanks for sharing! great to know you are so weird until spread chili on bread :p

J@n!ce said...

Sam, thanks for sharing this.

I am surprised that you will actually join in the tag stuff. To me, you are FULL OF WISDOM from your write-ups & only deal with SERIOUS things.
I hope it is not bcos I make that qns to you that is why you think of revealing yourself.... LOL

I am not really a chilli person, but I'm also very fair :p
I am fair but I always wanted to be tan. I can never get tan :(

Thanks to the people who created this tag stuff. I get to know Sam better now :)

surjit said...

Ah! At last I know more of you.Your fair color is really enviable..
Thanks and good luck.

P.S:I don't think I shall be able to go through this excercise because I do not know much about myself.. (a weird thing about me)

Sam Chan said...

Hi Jenny,

Well this post really rekindle my memories. Just imagine how much I love singing Sam Hui songs that I was willing to rewind his song tapes so many times to translate (romanized) it so that I could sing.

Chilli padi will open my taste bud when food doesn't taste nice - weird right? :-)

Jenny, Thanks for tagging me and gave me the fun.

Your participation is indeed a source of inspiration for me.

Best wishes.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Janice,

Indeed, this post had broken the theme of my blog. Anyway, I reckoned, sometimes it is good to break the monotonous stuff a bit.

Well, it was Jenny How's tag that excited me to reveal my personal story. Anyway, your questions does gives me a bit of inspiration as well.

Looking forward to read weird things about you if you are willing to share. :-)

Best Wishes to you, Janice.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Surjit,

Thanks for adding your comment.

After knowing me much better, I hope you all will understand my postings better.

It was the blessings from God, my experiences in life and the great changes that I had gone through in life that makes me who I am today.

Surjit, you don't need to feel obligated to continue the tag. Anyway, feel free to share your weird things in life whenever you feel like doing.

Thank you.
Best Wishes

lilifxt said...

hi sam i enjoyed reading more about your secrets ...i love spicy food ...but i do exercise every day after i stopped for five whole years ....but it is important to exercise my friend ...especiallly when we spend lot of time online

Phil said...

Sam, Interesting indeed. Yeah I'll be glad to write a response, but it may be a week or so, see my blog to know what I mean.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

I think after I had revealed my personal secrets, you all will know me better.

Thanks for your advice that I ought to exercise. You are right - it is very important for me to remain physically fit and strong.

Thanks for your kind support and encouragement! It means a lot!

Blessings to you

Sam Chan said...

Phil, I understand from your blog that you are taking off for other more important task.

Well, don't worry about this tag... just take your time. Anyway, do let me know when you had posted something about yourself so that I could know more about you.

Thank you for dropping your comment here.

Best Wishes to you.

Jennifer said...

Ahhh very fun to get to know you! :-)

I'll delve into my weirdness soon! LOL!


Sam Chan said...

Thanks Jennifer,
I am looking forward to your post.

anits said...

Sir, its very interesting to know about you and especially your fair complexion because we also always wondering why are you so fair? :)

Best Wishes

Sam Chan said...

Hi Anits,
I am looking forward to know more about you too.
Best Wishes