Sunday, February 10, 2008

That's difficult or impossible!

If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it.” - Jesse Jackson

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.” - Peter T. Mcintyre

If all the world says, 'No!' it is your business to say, 'Yes!' and prove it."

The world says, "No!" in a thousand ways:
"No! You can't do that."
"No! You are wrong."
"No! You are too old."
"No! You are too young."
"No! You are too weak."
"No! It will never work."
"No! You don't have the education."
"No! You don't have the background."
"No! You don't have the money."
"No! It can't be done."

And each "No!" you hear has the potential to erode your confidence bit by bit until you quit altogether. Though the world says, "No!" to you today, will you determine to say, "Yes!" and prove it?

Don't listen to anyone who tells you that you can't do this or that. Never, never let them persuade you that things are too difficult or impossible.

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Krishna. N. C. said...

Dear Sam,
What a wonderful reminder!!Its usually the outer influences which hamper our self confidence in more ways than one.
And as The Bible rightly says-"In peace and confidence shall lay your strength"
Thank you so much for the timely boost up:))
Keep up the excellent work buddy!
Love,hugs and prayers:))

Jennifer said...

Hi Sam,

Great message!

I think children get so used to hearing no that it becomes nearly a mantra.

I believe children need about ten positives to each negative... ;-)

We just get so used to hearing we can't do something that we forget that it is often not true!


Thanks for this fabulous post Sam!

Love to you,


Titania Starlight said...

Hi Sam,
Great post! The word "No!" has been drilled into our minds since we are little children. It is such a limiting word. I agree with Jen that we have to counteract the negatives with a whole lot of positives. :o)


Sam Chan said...

Dear Krishna,

Thanks for your valuable input and words of wisdom. Indeed negative external influences can erode lots of our confidence.

I am really encouraged. You are indeed a great source of encouragement.

Blessings to you Krishna.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Jennifer,

It is nice to hear from you again. I really appreciate your participation.

Thanks for adding your valuable thoughts. May we be sound and wise so that we can always distinguish between good advices that edify from messages that stumble us.

Lots of Love to you Jennifer,
Sam Chan

Sam Chan said...

Hi Tawnya,

Yup, the word "No!" has been constantly hammering into our mind. Let's be strong so that we will not be easily influence by such limiting word when we would like to accomplish something beneficial and good.

Thank you for your input.

Blessings to you Tawnya.

enigma said...

Hi,Sam Yes...:)Probably,I had heard some of them but sometimes disheartening words I think that ...can motivate least that is current for me.

JesseTheCat said...

Hi Sam,its true we have been hardwired to have the word 'no' as part of our daily response to life.It was neccessary as a word which our caregivers used to keep us out of trouble when we were young.But if we dont take a fresh look at how much we stop ourselves automatically from going forth and trying new things,we may be in stagnant waters.
A wonderful post for me to read...I was always told 'no' too many times as a youngster..and now I do hesitate to be confident and try new things!

Sam Chan said...

Hi Enigma,

Thanks for your comments. Indeed, the way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives. Let's learn to feed our mind with words that can help us to achieve whatever we had in mind.

Blessings to you Enigma

Sam Chan said...

Hi Jesse,

There are indeed more negative than positive nowadays. It is definitely better to listen to our inner voices that says 'Yes' it can be done than all those discouraging words when we want to do things that are beneficial to ourselves or the world.

Blessings to you Jesse.

hemorroides said...

Great post! The word "No!" has been drilled into our minds since we are little children