Saturday, June 23, 2007

Your Body Language - A Key to Success

Do you know that your body language is even more important that your words?

What does your body language say? Does it say you're confident, smart, and enthusiastic - or just the opposite?

Body Language can be A Key to Success in the Workplace.

You can learn to recognize a whole cluster of body language from here.

"Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently, 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words." - Deborah Bull

"Your body language may give you away!"

"A significant amount of communication occurs through body language. Though we can't see our own, everyone else does. If you're saying one thing and thinking another, your body language may well give you away."

It is important for us to work on our body language. We need to pay as much attention to it as the words we use!

Photo by Glenn Loos-Austin taken from this source

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