Friday, July 06, 2007

Boss versus Leader

Being a leader is very different than being the boss.

The boss drives his men; The leader inspires them.
The boss depends on
authority; The leader on good will.
The boss evokes
fear; The leader radiates love.

The boss says "
I"; The leader says "We".
The boss shows
who is wrong; The leader shows what is wrong.
The boss
knows how it is done; The leader shows how it is done.

The boss
assigns the tasks; The leader sets the pace.
The boss says, "
Get here on time"; The leader begins on time.
The boss makes work
drudgery, The leader makes it interesting.
The boss says "
GO"; The leader says "LET'S GO.

Well, who do you prefer to be? A boss or a leader?

Photo by The_BreaKer taken from this source

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Jennifer said...


Great photo and great post!

I'm lucky to have had lots of great leaders in my life... much better than a boss!



anits said...

Sir I think you are a good leader! :)

Suray - SurayBlog said...

Very funny... The gangster boy!

Sam Chan said...

Hi Jennifer

I am very happy to know that you like the photo and this simple post.

I agree with you great leaders are better than a boss! However, a good boss can also be a good leader!

Thanks for your thoughts!
Warmest Wishes

Sam Chan said...

Hi Anits,

Thanks for giving me your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Best Wishes

Sam Chan said...

Hi Suray,

I'm glad you find this photo nice!
Thanks for your thoughts!

Best Wishes

surjit said...

Definitely a leader like you.
A good post.
Have a nice weekend.

Sam Chan said...

Well said, Surjit, I agree with you, it is better to be a leader.

However, I think a good boss is also important. Otherwise nobody will be offering any employment.

Best Wishes