Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Source of All Knowledge - QA Exchange

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” - Thomas Berger

There are no foolish questions and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions” - Charles P. Steinmetz

Although many of us know that there is Wisdom in Asking Questions, we still at times do not ask questions when we do not understand. Why? The following excerpt could be one of the reasons:

"Researchers have found that a fascinating change takes place in schoolchildren. When they begin their studies, strong and weak students show an equal willingness to ask questions when they do not understand. However, as they get older and begin to understand their relative position in the class, students, especially weaker students, become reluctant to ask questions and reveal what they do not know." - Source: 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People by David Niven

“If there is something to gain and nothing to lose by asking, by all means ask!” - W. Clement Stone

The following are typical problems that some of us are facing:
  • There are just too many blogs or websites to search through; thus it is difficult to find solutions or answers
  • One needs to spent a lot of time to sift through thread of messages; yet still could not find the solution
  • One may not or don't know how to post questions; thus have to live with the problems unsolved
  • One could not find or could have posted to the wrong forum; thus nobody answer questions posted
  • One find it difficult to get somebody to visit or read their blogs or websites
To resolve the above problems, I am starting a blog for QA exchange. I had posted the Rules and How this works at Solutions Repository (

Although this may looks like a meme but this project is different from meme where anybody can post questions and anybody can answer questions posted. Thus, there is no need to tag somebody who might not be interested at all. Only those interested will be participating in QA Exchange! Besides, preferably only unique questions (can still have different version if necessary) will be posted and questions are moderated and stored at Solutions Repository for those seeking answers or solutions.

Below are some of the benefits of having QA exchange:
  • You can get a lot of answers (by different bloggers / websites owners) to your question
  • Answer comes to you instead of you having to search for it
  • Those that don't ask question can still get answers to questions posted by somebody
  • Those participate in Questions or Answers (QA Exchange) can get a lot of good link exchanges because of related topics
  • Your blog got publicized and thus can get a lot of good traffics from interested readers
  • Questions can suggest more interesting topics for blogs / websites
  • Different answers can promote more interesting interactions among bloggers
What do you think?
Do you want to participate in this QA Exchange project?

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Fearless Dreams said...

I think that it's a good idea.

On my own blog, I have a Questions page where I have a list of questions which I've written about. Each question is hyperlinked to my post which deals with the question.

Here are some of the challenges to making it work well for everyone:

-Someone posts a question without looking at the questions that are already present
-Questions which are the same, but worded differently
-Spammy or hard to understand questions or answers
-We need some kind of categories and/or tags to help people browse for interesting questions

Contact me via my link on mybloglog. If you're interested, I'd like to help you set it up.

Markk said...

Thanks Sam but I think I'll pass this one. Anybody wants to pose questions can come to my blog, put them in the comment box, and I'll answer all of them. And you'll get a DoFollow link thrown in.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Fearless dreams,

I am glad that you like the idea. I believe it is very simple for you to participate in QA Exchange because you have good questions and answers in your blog.

Please bear in mind that you can be the one who post the questions and offer the answers as well. The different of placing it to QA exchange ( is that others can offer their answers. I am trying to make as the central point where bloggers and website owners will come and check out questions and then offer answers at their blog or website.

The only thing is that we need to promote QA Exchange so that everybody will be keen to participate. I had put some thinking to all those problems that you had mentioned. I will check out all the questions posted. Thus, only unique questions will be accepted and I might rephrase it if necessary. Questioners are to post in the categories and I will add in additional categories if necessary.

Let's give it a try! I might check out your questions and post in your questions. Then you can post in your suggested answers. Is it Okay to you?

Best Wishes,
Sam Chan

Sam Chan said...

Hi Markk,
You had missed the point of QA Exchange.
When people post in questions to your blog, other people cannot post in alternative answers other than short comments. Thus, the interaction will stop there with only your answers.

However, if someone were to place the questions to QA Exchange, more people can reply with their answers in their respective blog and that will promote activity.

Imagine if someone would to post in a question, "Do you think there is a God?" There will be some who will answer Yes and give a lot of sharing at their blog. Then some other might like to say No and give their reasoning at their blog.

Do you get the message?
Best Wishes
Sam Chan

Phil said...

Sam, I like the idea and will check it out. Been thinking along these lines both questions I have and offering answers to topics I have knowledge in. Looks like it may be fun.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Phil,

I am glad that you like the idea.
Hope to see you participating in QA Exchange.

Best Wishes

reasonable robinson said...

Hi interesting idea. What do folks make of the question 'What is Truth?' something I have beeen posed recently .

reasonable robinson said...

How about this one too - 'what is marketing?'

Sam Chan said...

Hi Reasonable robinson,

It is great that you find this idea interesting. If you wish to participate in QA Exchange, please post Questions / Answers at

One can post question and then answer their your own question. Find out more from here.

Thank you.
Best Wishes

alliswell21 said...

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alliswell21(formerly poetrygirl100)

Sam Chan said...

Hi AllIsWell21,
Thanks for personally recommending Paul McKenna's "Change Your Life in 7 days" book.

I also find Paul McKenna's "Success For Life" audio (Hypnosis / NLP)useful!
Best Wishes

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