Saturday, September 15, 2007

Leaders got to know their roles well

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." - John C. Maxwell

Everybody has their roles

No matter whether you are a parent, an eldest in the family, a manager or one of the members in a team, what you do, how you act and perform your duty are very important.

Your children, siblings, workers or your colleagues could be watching very closely and might just follow your examples. Thus, make every effort to find out and know your roles well so that you could show good examples.

Leaders roles
“A leader's role is to raise people's aspirations for what they can become and to release their energies so they will try to get there.” - David R. Gergen

“True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders.” - Robert Townsend

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” - Ralph Nader

Take a look at this true story:

At the funeral
One of my young preacher friends was officiating at the funeral of a war veteran. The dead man's military friends wished to have a part in the service at the funeral home, so they requested the pastor to lead them down to the casket, stand with them for a solemn moment of remembrance, and then lead them out through the side door. This he proceeded to do, but unfortunately the effect was somewhat marred when he picked the wrong door. The result was that they marched with military precision into a broom closet, in full view of the mourners, and had to beat a hasty retreat covered with confusion.

This true story illustrates a cardinal rule or two. First, if you're going to lead, make sure you know where you're going. Second, if you're going to follow, make sure that you are following someone who knows what he is doing!

(Extracted from this source; Author: Shelton Cole)

Know your roles
You can't do your job well if you don't know your own role. Find out or ask your supervisor if necessary. If you are a leader, do take note that it is difficult to inspire others to accomplish what you haven't been willing to try.

Photo 1 by Cheryl J taken from this source
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mr fong said...

Hi Sam, I am first :P This post is wonderful. Not only must a leader lead, but he must also know the way himself, or he would lead them into oblivion!

Thank you.

surjit said...

Very apt definition of a leader:
"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." ..
A wonderful story to make home the point...
A great motivating post Sam.
Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

JesseTheCat said...

Hello Sam, this post of yours is important and brings clarity to my mind.Often, I am not clear about my role , and I see the importance now of having a clearly defined idea. I would want my own child to see me at my very best, and hopefully not the one who is leading her into a broom closet...or worse.I think its time I really decided on what my roles here are...and once that is clear, I must try my best to be good at that!
A really interesting post, as always and I love the images as well in this one!
I hope that your weekend is great, Sam :)

keeyit said...

Agreed. Leader should lead by examples. BUT how many leaders can do that ?

Sam Chan said...

Hi Winston,

Yup, you are the first to comment! So you are a leader in the arena of comment for this post :)

Thanks for your valuable thoughts.
Best Wishes

Sam Chan said...

Hi Surjit,

I am glad you like the definition of a leader from one of the quotes. Thanks for your nice and motivating comments.

Best Wishes

Sam Chan said...

Hi Jesse,

I am very happy to know that this little post had managed to clarify the importance of knowing your role as a good leader. Thanks for the feedback.

I wishes you all the best and that you are able to lead your daughter well in her life.

Blessings to you and yours.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Keeyit,

You are right! There are not many leaders that lead well. Hopefully, the person that really want to be a good leader can avoid making those mistakes by studying and understand what are those faults.

Thanks for your valuable thoughts.

My Best Wishes

Honman said...

Yes. The leader must know the way become he can lead his men or else it will be like the blind leading the blind.

Open Your Mind to Prosperity

Sam Chan said...

Thanks Honman for your comment.
You are right. To be a good leader, we got to know the way, otherwise it will be like the blind leading the blind.

Best Wishes