Saturday, August 11, 2007

Great Gift Suggestions

“The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

According to Benjamin Franklin -
“The best thing to give
  • to your enemy is forgiveness;
  • to an opponent, tolerance;
  • to a friend, your heart;
  • to your child, a good example;
  • to a father, deference;
  • to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you;
  • to yourself, respect;
  • to all men, charity.”
What do you think? Do you have any other great suggestions?

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WaterLearner said...

Hi Sam!

Good blog!

My humble view about the best thing to give to myself is Acceptance.

In the world today, we are constantly forced to measure ourselves against others. Accept ourselves for who we are. Don't compare ourselves too excessively to others:

- Am I too fat?
- Is my car big enough. Oh look at what she is driving.
- I have a Gucci bag. But wait! She is a LV!
- Which university do I graduate from

Bah! I wrote too much when my shallow mind wanders. As usual.

One Great Blog Sam!


mr fong said...

To Sam, a Comment! :)

Jennifer said...

I love this Sam,

How about...

To humankind, your peace

To the world, your gifts

To God, yourself



lilifxt said...

hi sam very nice words i can add this

to people

to a child ....Love of GOD

thx for that post
best wishes

Sam Chan said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you very much. I really value your participation. You don't have to worry.. you are welcome to write more. I agree with you that.. "the best thing to give to myself is Acceptance."

Indeed, it is never good to compare with others. However, we should compare with ourself in the past to see whether there is any improvements after days, months or years and do something about it if not.

Many Blessings to you, Karen!

Sam Chan said...

Hi Mr Fong,

Yup... very true, comment is a great gift for blogger. Thanks for your comment.

Best Wishes to you!

Sam Chan said...

Jennifer, it is great to know that you love this post.

Peace is indeed the best gift humankind need.

Our contribution to the well-being of this world is also utmost important.

Oneself to God! That's what God really want from everybody.

Great insight, Jennifer. Thank you very much. I really learn a great deal from you.

Blessings and Joy to you my friend.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

Thank you very much for these addition. I rally love it!

Let's remember to smile always! Well, till today, I could still remember one of my teachers who constantly have a smiling face! :-)

God loves everybody. Indeed, when a child had been taught about the Love of God, the child will always be blessed to walk in the right path.

Many Blessings to you, Lili!