Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Our 19th Wedding Anniversary

This post is dedicated to my lovely wife, Jenny.

Today is our 19th Wedding Anniversary.

Another year just swept by and it's our wedding anniversary again. May these anniversary quotes light a spark of love, hope and warmth in our heart.

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

"There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love." - 1 Corinthians 13:13

"The bonds of matrimony are like any other bonds - they mature slowly." - Peter De Vries

"Love is just a word until you comes along and gives it meaning."

I LOVE YOU honey!

Let's spend the rest of our life together, with a glow of love and a feeling of being blessed and may God continue to show kindness and bless us and our children.

Photo 1 by dawnzy58 taken from this source
Photo 2 (me and my wife) taken on 2006/12/9

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WaterLearner said...

Happy Yippeddee Wedding Anniversary Sam!!!

May the strength of the love between you and your sweet half increase through the course of time.



J@n!ce said...

Sam & Jenny : Congrates to your 19th Anniversary....*applaud*... *fireworks*....

She must be really happy to see this touching post from you!!

You are really blessed with a understanding wife & 4 lovely children.

Enjoy your anniversary :D

Jennifer said...

Ahhhh Congratulations Sam!

You are such a beautiful couple!

Many, many blessings to you and Jenny!

And, thank you for sharing this picture with us! It is nice to see cyber friends!



Mr. Biggs said...

Congratulations Sam ! This is such a sweet gesture !! May god continue to bless both of you.

God Bless!

mr fong said...

Ohmy Gosh. You are 100% sweet, Sam. So touching. This is sweeter than astatine.

Good day and may u enjoy ur anniversary!

Sam Chan said...

Karen: Thank you very much for your wishes. BTW, I happened to visit another of your blog and found your nice wedding photos! Blessings to you and yours!

Janice: Wow... you bring along fireworks?! So loud.. that can scare off everybody! I got to check with my wife after office hour to find out! Don't know whether she is reading this comment. Anyway, it is not easy to post my family photos. I have to get permission first! :-)

Jennifer: Thank you for your many blessings. Well, I took some time to decide before I got the courage to share my joy with my cyber friends.

Biggs: Thanks for the visit and wishes. May God bless you and yours too! I will visit your blog more to learn from you and get to know more about you in due time.

Mr Fong: .. my math Tutor! Thanks for your wishes. Well, I afraid you have to wait (calculate) for your turn ... before you could post your wedding anniversary announcement! :-) Well, maybe that time, something better than blog will be used.

surjit said...

Sam and Jenny,Please accept my heartiest congraulations and best wishes on your 19th marriage anniversary. My love to your lovable children.
You both are looking 'cute'.
God bless you.

anits said...

Happy anniversary sir to you and your wife.. wish both of you happy married couple forever! God Bless you sir!

Sam Chan said...

Surjit: Thank you very much for the wishes. LOL! me a cute old man? :-) God bless you too.

Anits: Thanks for the blessing. Well, when are you going to get married? Then you can post your wedding photos on your blog :-)

Lillie Ammann said...

Blessings on your anniversary, Sam and Jenny, and best wishes for many more wonderful years together.

JesseTheCat said...

My word, how lovely ! I want to congratulate you and your wife on your anniversary and wish you both many many many more years of happily wedded Bliss !! And all the blessings to you as well... :)

hazel said...

Love is grand!
Here's to many many many more blissful years together,

Happy Anniversary,
w/ affection

lilifxt said...

wow my friend happy anniversary wishing u all the best in life and forever happy ...GOD bless u

Phil said...

I wish you both many more wonderful years of marriage. Nineteen years, that's terrific. It is so encouraging to see couples in love and life full with kiddos. We are heading quickly towards 15 great years and each year seems better than the last.

I really like that quote from Peter De Vries. How wonderful to grow more bonded to our mates.

I hope you find time to really celebrate in a special way.

Sam Chan said...

Lillie: Thank you very much for the wishes.

Jesse: Indeed, it is so nice to receive so much of blessings and wishes from all my faithful readers and supporter. Thank you very much, Jesse.

Hazel: Thank you. Very true, Love is grand! I pray that God will grant all husband and wife many many years together. That include you and your husband, Hazel!

Lili: Thank you forever! God bless us all.

Phil: Thank you very much. You and your wife are great examples too and I believe many are encouraged by your examples! Indeed, human bond mature slowly. Blessings to you and yours.

J@n!ce said...

Sam, I hope you have an enjoyable day with your wife yesterday :)

Honman said...

Dear Sam
Congrates to your 19th Anniversary....
Love is the greatest power on Earth and it is on your side.

Sam Chan said...

Janice: Thanks! I always have great time with my wife. Well, this blog post really surprises her. Now everybody knows her. :-)

Honman: Thank you very much for your wishes. Indeed, Love is the greatest power on Earth and it is on your side TOO!

mr fong said...

This is really sweet. Haha,I cannot measure how deep is your love as it is too deep,even this maths tutor is powerless..LOL.

Well i think that pic is taken in Genting!!!!!! :)

Sam Chan said...

Hi Mr Fong,
You are right! Love cannot be measured easily... that's a problem for the mathematician! Well, can you come out with an equation about love? :-)

You got it right.. but sorry no reward for such a simple task :) That photo is taken in Genting. Genting theme park is my children favorite vacation site.